Enhanced support in everyday life by iBAC Breathalyzer

iBAC is a small and reliable alcohol meter that helps clients to help themselves by creating frames for achieving sobriety and progress in their own home environment.
In combination with therapy and treatment, recurring sobriety tests several times a day creates a safe safe environment for the whole family.

This is how it works


After we have reviewed what your days look like, we agree on how many sobriety tests you should do per day and whether they should be random or scheduled.


You rent a calibrated meter (monthly) and pair it with your smart phone (IOS or Android) as well as downloading an App in your phone.


From now you will receive text messages in your phone when it is time to perform a sobriety test. You have plenty of time to seek privacy and to perform the test.


Launch the app on your phone. When you perform the sobriety test, your camera will be activated and take pictures of you to verify your identity.


The pictures together with the result are sent encrypted to a page on the web that only we have access to.

More about iBAC

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