The road to recovery begins with someone reacting

You or someone close to you who cares about your health dare to take the step. Receiving help can be the best you can do for yourself and for those you love and care about. A great first step towards a freer and healthier life.

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Do you feel that your life situation is sometimes or often affected by too many negative consequences due to chemical substances that you use or from self-destructive behavior? Just paying us a visit is something you can start with. We invite you for a effortless conversation where you can tell us about your situation and ask questions with full discretion and anonymity.

Are your relative or a close friend?

Perhaps the one it concerns is not ready to seek help or you can come for your own sake. You are not alone in such a situation! This is often where it starts and by getting the right support, change can start to grow.

Quit completely or cut down?

Whether you want to stop completely or change your behavior that negatively affects your health, you are welcome to us. Through increased understanding and knowledge, it is easier to make the right decisions that hold for you.

Inspirational Intervention

An intervention means that the family is guided through a structured process in order to induce a family member to voluntarily receive help for their addiction and destructive behavior. Taking into account the particular circumstances of the situation, the most appropriate treatment and therapy process is carefully suggested. A crucial part of a Inspirational Intervention is for the family to express their love and concern. It is a loving and respectful way to put a stop to a person’s destructive living and find a healthier joyful life with their loved ones.

Some have probably heard that one cannot help a person who is active in their addiction until they have reached their bottom, but it is a myth. There is a lot that can be done before that. With the support of a Inspirational Intervention where everyone is involved, from the addict to family, friends and colleagues, amazing results can be achieved.

Janique is a Certified Inspirational interventionist and also a certified trainer of the method that is based on honesty, trust, hope and love. The addict is invited to join the process right from the start without any surprises, secrets or coercion. The relationship network as well; we build from absolute respect and love. We guide the addict and the people in the relationship network to a sober life and pleasant recovery. Everyone is responsible for their own part.

The intervention breaks the destructive behaviors by first seeing it for what it is, understanding it and finding the best way for a family to dissolve it with professional help. There is no opportunity for the addict to manipulate the ”one-on-one” but everyone has the support of each other. To instill hope, understanding of the process and everyone helping each other.

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Tailormade treatment plan with additional services

Modern addiction treatment

Through our close cooperation with psychiatrists and doctors, we start from a medical examination and private consultation to pay attention to your special needs and preferences. This is modern addiction treatment tailored to your needs.

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Janique have 100% success with her families because she does not see a relapse as a ”failure” – it’s what we do after the relapse that matters.

It’s only a failure if you do not take my hand again and continue the path we have already started on.

And if you don’t take my hand? I’ll sit next to you and we’ll talk about hope, love, what worked for you and what didn’t. I never give up.

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