I offer private clients tailored treatment…

  • Substance use (alcohol, drugs)
  • Process addiction (eating disorders, sex or games)
  • Physical and mental well-being
  • Psychiatric and psychological support combined with KBT & MI
 (cognitive behavioral therapy & motivational interviewing)
    (kognitiv beteendeterapi & motiverande samtal)
  • iBAC Breathalyzer – for enhanced support in everyday life

… including services

  • Case management service
  • Intervention service
  • Sober transport service and mobil Recovery coach service
  • Couple therapy and family therapy
  • Biochemical balance

Our core business

In 2017 I started a collaboration with private psychiatric outpatient care to bridge the gap between addiction treatment and psychiatry, which has become a successful concept. Since then, our teamwork leads to the basis of a tailor-made treatment plan with a medical assessment together with the client’s other individual needs and preferences. We work with well-proven (evidence-based) treatment methods, such as 12-step treatment according to the Minnesota model and SMART Recovery.

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Addiction is a complex but treatable disease that affects both brain function and behavior.

“One size treatment fits all” does not apply! There is no “right” treatment that suits everyone.

Effective addiction treatment is about meeting multiple needs of the individual, not just removing the drug or the behavior.

Medication can be an important element of treatment, especially in combination with counseling and other behavioral therapy.

The family is included! Behavioral therapy at both individual and family level is needed for effective and long-term change work.

The roads towards reovery

Supporting you on your way to recovery is our most important task. What you need to focus on varies and what we suggest depends on your life situation and your pronounced and unspoken needs.

An important insight is that it’s a holistic recovery approach that creates a meaningful life in balance.

Therefore, we encourage you to be physically active, eat good food and devote yourself to what gives your life meaning. We can do this by i.e recommending you a certified Certified Recovery Coach, Sober Companion, a personal trainer or a nutrition expert – everything is on the menu.

Your treatment plan with additional services must be constantly evaluated and adjusted to meet your changing and upcoming needs.

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