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Recovery Coaching is a comprehensive service designed to monitor and support a care plan in dependence and/or destructive lifestyle. This extended service helps identify additional clinically appropriate resources such as outpatient programs, doctors and therapists in the client’s immediate environment. Recovery Coaching has proven very effective where the use of drugs has been discovered at the workplace and which has resulted in uncertain conditions for continued successful employment.

A Certified Recovery Coach provides professional supervision and support to clients and families as they go through the recovery process.

As a Recovery Coach, we strengthen the client’s personal responsibility and accountability as well as encourage the skills acquired during the ongoing treatment. Each client’s treatment plan is based on their personal history, progress in treatment and either an identified continued care plan or the need to develop one. As a Certified Recovery Coach, we work with and support the entire family and/or workplace in their engagement and involvement in the recovery process.

Certifierad Recovery Coach Services

  • A Certified Recovery Coach is trained in and uses evidence-based methods to create measurable results.
  • We will provide you with a suitable Certified Recovery Coach that suits your needs and geographical starting point.
  • We offer a unique level of support for clients and families such as treatment and aftercare from harmful use of alcohol and drugs, mental illness, eating disorders or other self-destructive behaviors.

Hire a Certified Recovery Coach, something for you?

All clients with addiction, mental illness or destructive behaviors including their families who have been struggling with drug and addiction issues can benefit from a Certified Recovery Coach.

Recovery Coaching has been specifically designed to create a level of responsibility in lifelong sobriety. There is a road back to life from a life of active addiction.

Want to become a Certified Recovery Coach?

Read more about becoming a Certified Recovery Coach at Sober-Academy.com

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